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If you are looking for a solar power company in Sacramento that you can trust for quality services, look no further than our team of experts!

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Welcome to Sparky Electric & Solar, your trusted solar power company in Sacramento providing high-quality solar solutions tailored to meet your energy needs while reducing your carbon footprint. Our team of expert solar contractors specializes in a range of services to ensure your solar panel system operates efficiently and effectively.

solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation and Removal

Count on us for professional solar panel installation and removal services that are safe and reliable. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide you with a seamless and efficient installation process, as well as expert removal when needed.

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solar panel maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

Keep your solar panel system in top condition with our maintenance and repair services. Our team will ensure your system operates at peak performance to maximize energy savings and sustainability.

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solar batteries

Solar Battery Backups

Explore the benefits of solar battery backups for uninterrupted power supply during outages. We offer customized solutions to integrate solar battery backups with your solar panel system for added reliability.

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electric vehicle charging station

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Join the green revolution with electric vehicle charging stations installed by our experienced team. We provide efficient and convenient charging solutions to support your eco-friendly lifestyle.

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